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Asphalt mixing equipment treatment method for smoke and dust

Asphalt mixing equipment treatment method for smoke and dust


In the whole process of application of asphalt mixing equipment, there will be a lot of smoke and dust caused by environmental pollution. If you want to reduce smoke and dust, start with the improvement of asphalt mixing equipment, and improve the design of each sealing position of the mechanical equipment according to the improvement of the entire mechanical design. Precision, as far as possible to ensure that the machine and equipment are sealed during the whole mixing process, so that the smoke and dust can be manipulated in the mixing machine.

In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the key points of the operation of the lifting machinery and equipment, and pay attention to the manipulation of the smoke and dust outflow at each stage.

Wind speed dust removal is also one of the ways to rectify smoke and dust damage in asphalt mixing equipment. This type of method is an older method, mainly using dust collectors to carry out ash removal work. This type of old dust removal equipment can only remove large particles. Of smoke and dust. Nowadays, the development of society has made continuous improvements to the wind speed dust removal equipment, combining several sets of dust collectors of different sizes to solve the smoke and dust of particles of different sizes.

In addition to the two dustproof methods mentioned above, the asphalt plant can also adopt wet dust removal and bag dust removal. Wet dust removal has a relatively high degree of solution to smoke and dust, and can remove the smoke and dust that appears during the entire mixing process. However, because tap water is used as the raw material for ash removal, it will cause water pollution. The bag filter is a more suitable ash removal method in asphalt mixing equipment. It is a lifting type ash removal method, which is suitable for the solution of small dust particles.

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