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LB Asphalt Plant


LB Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing plant is a plant that is used for mixing the dry warm aggregate, padding and asphalt for homogeneous mixture at the required temperature. What should be mentioned here is that mixing the aggregate, padding and asphalt must be at a certain proportion. And it is widely used to the construction of highway, city road and parking lot.

UNIQUELB Asphalt Mixing Plant

Model Number: LB700-LB4000

Capacity: 56-320t/h

Mixer Capacity: 1000-4000kg/batch

Working room noise: ≤70db(A)


Stationary plant, batch mixing, precise batching; 
Classic model, most cost-effective, best-selling.


Mixer Capacity(kg/batch)750100012001500200025003000
Drum dryer(mm)dia.1200*5200dia.1600*6800dia.1800*8000dia.1800*8000dia.2200*8500dia.2500*9000dia.2800*9000
Dust collect effect≤20 mg/Nm3≤20 mg/Nm3≤20 mg/Nm3≤20 mg/Nm3≤20 mg/Nm3≤20 mg/Nm3≤20 mg/Nm3
Total Power(kw)178285316380470547700
Fuel Consumption (Oil)5.5-7 kg/t5.5-7 kg/t5.5-7 kg/t5.5-7 kg/t5.5-7 kg/t5.5-7 kg/t5.5-7 kg/t
Fuel Consumption (Coal)10kg/t10kg/t10kg/t10kg/t10kg/t10kg/t10kg/t
Weigh Exactaggregate:±0.5%;powder:±0.5%;bitumen:±0.25%
Plant Covering Area (L*W*H)(m)35*30*1735*32*1740*30*1740*30*1745*32*1748*35*1760*45*17

Asphalt mixing plant structure

1. Cold aggregate supply system: it is the part to store the difference size of the materials, according to the machine capacity to feeding material by the control system, usual have four bins.
2. Feeding belt conveyor : Feeding belt system use the belt to collect the materials from the cold bin, and then transfer the materials into the dryer drum.
3. Drying drum:it is the part to heating the material, and make the stone temperature reach 160℃
4. Hot aggregate elevator: it is the part use the bucket to collect the hot material from the dryer drum, and elevating it in the main .
5. Vibrating screen: with the different screen net to vibrate the different size material again, and store it in the hot aggregate silo.
6. Hot aggregate silo: it is the place to store the aggregate after heating, and waiting for weighting.
7 .Measuring system : use cell meter to weigh the stone, asphalt, filter, according to the formula to weighting it.
8. Mixing system: the part mix the asphalt, stone, filter together in the mixer, 45 second one batch
9 .Finished products storage silo: the silo to store the finish storage, have the under type and side type
10 .Control system: the control cabinet to control all part by the software, all use Siemens electrical element
11. Asphalt heating supply system: it is the part for heating the bitumen, have two types: conduction oil heating and the directly heating
12. I grade Gravity filter: use the gravity principle to clean the dust
13. II grade bag filter: use the air blow principle to clean the dust
14. Filler storage supply system: the tank to store the powder, and supply it to the main frame for weighting and mixing.
15. Burner:The heating way use for the dryer, always have two kinds, one is for coal burner, and another is for the fuel oil burner.

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