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Monthly maintenance of the concrete mixing plant

Monthly maintenance of the concrete mixing plant


Monthly maintenance of the concrete mixing plant

1. Inspect each place feet bolts become less crowded, the foundation sink or not.

2. Inspect the main body of mixer, the attachment part of the belt conveyor, the hoisting parts of the screwing conveyor, the joint bolts become loose or not.

3. Inspect the sensors, and wipe them with the dry-cloth.

4. The first change of mobile oil for gear box at the running of 300 hours, cleanup the oil residue, after that, change the mobile oil every 3~6 months.

5. Inspect the accuracy of the batcher, at least once a month.

6. Clean the filter and the check valve in water pipe.

7. Sweep the clotting and sundries in screw engine.

8. Inspect the work condition of electrical system.

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