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Operation progress of a new concrete mixing plant

Operation progress of a new concrete mixing plant


With the development of the construction industry, the operation of batching plant become more automated. After you getting up a batching plant, you must know the operation of it. Now, let's see the details of process.

Connect the concrete mixing plant control system to the electricity supply control system, into the human - machine dialogue operation interface, concrete batching plant system initialization process, including the recipe number, concrete grade and slump, producers amount.

Weighing of each silo, the weighing bucket detection, the output feed empty or feed full signal, prompts the operator to determine whether to start the control program was stirred.

Start sand, stone belt motor into fed weighing hopper; open the butterfly valve of the fly ash, cement tank, start the screw machine motor transport fly ash, cement bucket to the metering;

Concrete Mixing control valve open water storage and admixtures pool, water and admixtures into the weighing hopper.

Metering open metering sluice gate meet the set requirements, the ingredients stirred and mixed into the start mixer, blender door is opened to the time set, the concrete into the mixer hexyl splice.

All the above are the introduction for concrete batching plant. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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