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Pumping Work of Concrete Conveying Pump

Pumping Work of Concrete Conveying Pump


Concrete trailer pump is important device of concrete batching plant, there are many things needed notice in the working process, notice concrete pump ability, concrete conveying pump should first pump moderate water lubrication parts before starting, it also should be step by step after pumping work beginning, increase the continuity of concrete trailer pump work, notice to control pressure and temperature of the concrete conveying pump, it also be calm to check when appears blocking situation, and clean up the device timely after finishing work. Pumping elements of concrete pump as follows:

(1) Concrete pump ability. Pumping concrete should meet pump ability require, and should ensure pumping concrete mix proportion by pump testing when necessary.

(2) Concrete conveying pump should be pumping appropriate amount of water after starting, to moist concrete pump hopper, concrete tanks and pipes and other direct contact parts with the concrete. And then use one of the following methods lubricate these parts after pumping water: pumping cement paste; pumping cement mortar1:2; pumping other component mix proportion cement mortar except coarse aggregate. Cement plaster or cement mortar for lubrication should scattered and not be pouring in the same place.

(3) When start pumping, trailer concrete pump should be in a slow, uniform operation state, and then gradually speed up. At the same time observation of concrete pump's pressure and the working condition of each system, it can be pumping with normal speed after each system work smoothly.

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