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The reasons why choose a concrete mixer pump

The reasons why choose a concrete mixer pump


The concrete mixer with pump is a machine connected concrete mixer with pump, which can be driven by electric motors or diesel engine, it have advantages as follows:

1. The degree of mechanization is high, the labor required is small, and the construction organization is simple.

2. The concrete conveying and pouring operations are continuous, the construction efficiency is high, and the project progress is fast.

3. The pumping process has strict requirements on the quality of concrete. It can also be said that pumping is a test of the quality of concrete. Since the pumping is continuous, the concrete is not easily separated during pumping, and the concrete slump loss is not large, so it is easy to ensure the quality of the project.

4. The concrete mixer pump can reduce the construction cost under the condition of proper construction.

5. It has strong adaptability to the construction work surface and wide operation range. The concrete pumping pipeline can be laid to other hard-to-reach places, and the concrete can be filled and placed under a certain pressure. The pump can also be used in series to increase the pumping distance and height to meet various construction requirements.

6. The mutual interference with other construction machinery is small. While pumping, other construction work can be carried out near the pipe.

7. Under the normal pumping conditions, the concrete will not pollute the environment in the pipeline, and civilized construction can be realized.

8. Work safety.

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