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Instructions for concrete mixing plants operators

Instructions for concrete mixing plants operators


Instructions for concrete mixing plants operators

1. Before production, you must receive a production task notice and execute it in strict accordance with the content of the task list; when there are multiple task orders at the same time, be clear-headed, and the mixed concrete must correspond to the delivery order;

2.Before mixing, check whether the types of materials correspond to the controlled parts, and whether the quality of the materials can meet the requirements; check whether the equipment is in normal condition and is ready.

3.Whether it is necessary to adjust the proportion of sand and gravel according to the moisture content; whether the overshoot, the feeding sequence and the mixing time need to be adjusted.

4.Because the first tank has mortar adhered to the mixer, consider whether to compensate for sand, cement and stone reduction.

The setting of the mixing time needs to be based on the requirements of the tester, generally ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. When mixing admixtures or additives, the mixing time should be appropriately increased according to the mixing method and process requirements. To ensure that the quality of the concrete meets the requirements.

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