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Exactly speaking, the mobile crusher should be

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-18

The fully-mobile crushing plant can also be called self-propelled crushing plant. In accordance with different moving modes, it can be divided into crawler type, rubber-tyred type and walking type. The flexibility degrees are different for the three types of moving modes. Thus, they have different uses. Generally speaking, the crawler type mobile crushing plant can work in coordination with excavators. However, it is restricted by the heavy machine body, so it has a relatively small processing capacity. Currently, its largest known capacity is 1000t/h. The rubber-tyred type and the walking type can only work under relatively fixed conditions. Unlike the crawler type mobile crushing plant, they can not work in coordination with excavators. However, they have large processing capacity, which can reach up to 2000-3000t/h.

The semi-mobile crushing plant can move by means of some external forces. Material feeding and discharging can be completed on the same platform for some semi-mobile crushers, while some can not. At present, the largest semi-mobile crushing plant in the world is found in a copper ore of Chile, whose processing capacity has reached up to 9600t/h. Basically speaking, the semi-mobile crushing plant is elevated on the ground dispensing with solid concrete foundation. Therefore, it can be uses as long as the carrying capacity to the ground is not less than 250KPa.

The portable crusher plant, also known as modular crushing plant, is a kind of structure between the fixed crushing plant and mobile crushing plant. It can be disassembled into several parts. Its size and weight are in line with the crane's lifting capacity and the trailer's bearing capacity. The time it takes to relocate the portable crushing plant depends on the preparation, disassembling degree, and relocation distance, etc.

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