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Installation of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant in Africa

Installation of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant in Africa


At August 10th , 2019.  our Colleague and Engineer from UNIQUE Group Road Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd. Went to Tanzania , to help our customer installed a LB1000 model Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant.

The Asphalt Mixing Plant, we are now producing from 20ton/h ~ 320ton/h productivity , and models from LB500~LB4000. A LB series Asphalt mixing plant normally include Cold aggregate system, Cold aggregate burning system , Hot aggregate lifting, screening and storage system , Weighing and Mixing system, Asphalt supply system, Powder supplying system, and Dust collecting system..

For the Fuel , UNIQUE now can make burner use Coal , Oil , or Natural gas as the fuel.

And our Asphalt Mixing Plant exported to over 40 countries all over the world, welcome friends from abroad to visit our factory in China! 

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