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Mobile concrete batching plants

Mobile concrete batching plants


Mobile concrete batching plants are often used on small construction sites or are frequently moved around the site.

The mobile concrete mixing station has a high degree of assembly. All parts are manufactured in the factory and assembled at the construction site. The entire station structure can reduce the number of strength bolts by 70%, and the installation is accurate and fast with a small workload. Due to the pin connection, it is easy to disassemble and facilitate the transformation and repositioning of the mixing station.

The structure of the mobile concrete mixing station main station is divided into three parts: discharge layer, mixing layer and batching weighing layer.

1. The discharge layer adopts simple cylindrical legs. The main station has spacious space, reasonable layout and convenient operation and maintenance. In particular, the main station adopts a pin-type structure, the drainage layer has a wide lane, and the appearance is simple and neat.

2. The mixing layer platform adopts a steel frame structure with double variable cross-section I-shaped main beams. It is heavy in weight and has better steel and shock-absorbing properties than ordinary structures. The mixing layer and discharge layer form a steel structure connected to the foundation, which effectively weakens the Mixes the vibration of the main unit; the bracket adopts rectangular legs, with simple structure and spacious space.

3. The batching layer of the mobile mixing station has two powder weighing hoppers (cement, fly ash), a water weighing hopper, two liquid admixture weighing hoppers and an aggregate storage hopper. Full weighing uses precision sensors.

Easy to install, easy to adjust, and reliable to use.

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