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Why choose a self-loading mixer truck?

Why choose a self-loading mixer truck?


The self-loading mixer truck is a highly automated mechanical equipment that integrates automatic loading, mixing and high-pressure pumping. This series of arduous processes does not require manual intervention, which is very consistent with the need to save labor costs in rural housing construction. It has the functions of forced mixing and pumping. It is the first twin-shaft mixer truck in the country. The concrete is not only of excellent quality, but also highly efficient, fully meeting the high-quality and high-efficiency requirements of rural housing construction.

The construction features of self-loading mixer trucks are as follows:

Simple operation, safe and reliable:

The truck-mounted mixer pump transports concrete through the pump pipe connection method, and the operation is safe and reliable.

Small size, fast movement:

The truck-mounted mixer pump can arrive at the construction site quickly and covers an area of about 10 square meters.

Low labor cost, saving labor:

The mixer truck-mounted pump only requires one equipment operator and two pipe layout personnel, as well as a small loading truck for feeding, which can save at least half of the labor cost.

Mix concrete on site to save costs:

Concrete is mixed and transported on site, resulting in significant cost savings.

Four provinces concept:

Time-saving: It has strong maneuverability and can quickly reach the construction site, reducing equipment transfer time and effectively reducing costs.

Labor-saving: Compared with towed pumps, mixer trucks are flexible in operation and can be quickly and accurately positioned after arriving at the construction site, improving work efficiency.

Save money: The coverage range can reach about 100 kilometers, and one piece of equipment can bear the workload of 2-3 towing pumps at the same time, reducing the customer's equipment purchase cost, while reducing operator and labor costs.

Worry-free: Equipment management and maintenance are simple, ensuring the stability of the equipment and reducing the failure rate. At the same time, personnel management is relatively simple.


Unique mixer truck is designed with large displacement, high pressure and high efficiency, and adopts fully imported large-diameter, long-stroke conveying cylinder and hydraulic cylinder. It has excellent material suction function and high suction efficiency. The elastic vibration reduction system is adopted to slow down the pumping impact, the pumping is stable, and the boom vibration is small. During the pumping process, the vibration range of the boom is basically kept within 30 cm.

Unique Group's self-loading mixer truck does not have strict material requirements. The transport cylinder with an inner diameter of 180 mm can easily transport 40 mm stones, the transport pressure reaches 9 MPa, the vertical transport distance is at least 50 meters, and the horizontal transport distance can reach 150 meters. It can produce 30 cubic meters of concrete per hour. The fully hydraulic pumping system ensures stability and durability. It can continuously mix and pump concrete, ensuring the overall shape of the concrete and rock-solid project quality.

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