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New concrete mixer with pump were successfully tested

New concrete mixer with pump were successfully tested


Yesterday (August 15, 2020), two new electric concrete mixer with pump were successfully tested.

It is a product that integrates concrete feeding, mixing, pumping and walking. It is suitable for rural house construction, township civil construction, plant construction, small commodity building construction, villa group construction, residential building group construction, etc., 1-28 Floor mixing concrete construction works on site. In the field construction, it is more convenient to use an external diesel generator, which solves troublesome construction problems at one time.

Technical advantages:

(1) It integrates feeding, mixing and pumping, making it more convenient for users to carry out high-efficiency construction.

(2) It adopts JZC type mixer with large mixing capacity and good mixing effect.

(3) The integrated design makes the equipment occupy a small space and move flexibly and conveniently.

(4) The produced concrete is of good quality---even mixing,the concrete has good compactness, high strength, strong compression and bending resistance.

(5) The electrical system adopts a combination of centralized control and remote control, with stable and reliable performance and high degree of automation.

(6) The lubrication system adopts automatic lubrication, with low oil consumption, low use cost and high degree of automation.

(7) The advanced swinging oil cylinder increases the thrust by 50%, which makes the swing of the S tube fast and reliable. The application range of fine stone concrete and concrete is wider.

(8) All oil pumps are equipped with a suction oil filter and a 10 um oil return filter, which fundamentally ensures the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, ensures the long-term stable operation of the hydraulic components, and reduces the user's cost.

(9) The main oil pump adopts German Rexroth series or Japanese Kawasaki variable plunger pump, which makes full use of motor power and high system pressure.

(10) The glasses plate and cutting ring are made of cemented carbide, wear-resistant and long life.

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