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Unless you're building your own home, rarely if

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-20

As you realize that your driveway is the pathway and the entrance to your home, you may not be happy with an ordinary every day common driveway. You have probably already checked out your neighbor's yard, and chances are it looks just like yours. Go into other areas around your city and see the ones that attract your attention, the ones you really like. If you have no aesthetic ability but you know what you like, even though you don't know how to go about achieving it, consider hiring a professional who will give you many ideas and choices.

Brick driveways are attractive and bring a distinction of their own. You can replace damaged bricks easily, and when you live in California where many small earthquakes damage concrete you will appreciate that option. Bricks demand a solid level foundation of sand and/or cement and a knowledge regarding the installation would be helpful. A driveway lined with bricks along each side is another option. A master mason can place the bricks in patterns that you're sure to find fashionable.

Today you will also be able to choose concrete with a stamped or imprinted pattern and the choices are unlimited. Colors embedded right into the concrete will give it a unique look and when they add stone or aggregates you've enriched the project. However, if your driveway will be a place where your children play basketball and other games, you may decide on a simple uniform surface. If that is the case, then dress up the surrounding areas and you still have numerous options. Like we said before with vegetation along the side of the driveway you'll gain the distinction you crave.

Regardless of the changes you make in your distinct driveway, apply your own original ideas that will shout to passersby that this is a unique house, and you made it your home.

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