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A concrete mixer is a machine that mixes aggregate

by:UNIQUE      2020-05-10
Ranging from the world's tallest building to the largest dams and some of the longest bridges uses concrete as its primary material. The monuments we are viewing today are at their place due to strong concrete power. Where mixing this concrete manually requires manpower and lots of efforts, it also turns into hard and makes it useless. It comprises of a revolving drum that is used to mix all the components. The drum is attached with a motor along with other construction plant parts. When the motor starts, the materials spin inside the drum and get mixed together evenly. The machine makes it soft for application and forming. If we talk about the history of concrete mixers it comes into existence date back in 625 BC. In this year asphalt and cement were found. Then in 1800 BC people started using cement for repairing ships. This era brings a revolutionary change in the construction industry. In nineteenth century the mixture was used for other different purposes. Year 1960 makes it common to use this mixture. It was used for constructing buildings, roadways, and sidewalks. Technology improved and need of improved mixer quality raised. At that time also it was cumbersome to prepare mixtures in the industry and then transport it to the site or location. But, invention of Mobile Concrete Mixers also solved this issue. Machine manufacturers made a mark by bringing such mixers that are easy to take anywhere. Generally, there are three types of concrete mixers available. These are Mixer with hydraulic hopper Mixer with mechanical hopper Mixer without hopper If you require mixer for a very short time period then it is worthless to purchase it rather you can do one thing just take it on lease. Still if you want to have your own then you may go for a used mixer that would not break your bank. There are different size of mixers are available depending upon the work requirement. These include portable mixers, mini mixers and large size commercial mixing trucks. Regular maintenance is also needed for smooth functioning of this machine. All the parts should be checked regularly to avoid any kind of damage and accident at work.
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