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by:UNIQUE      2020-10-21

The requirements on limestone crushing are relatively high. After being processed, the particle sizes can reach 0~25/80mm. The crushing processes should be reduced to the greatest extent, so that the one-time investment and maintenance costs can be reduces. The hammer crusher or impact crusher with high crushing ratio can meet the requirements for single stage crushing, but the quartz content should be less than 8%-12%. In terms of the impact crusher, the water content of the materials should be less than 8%. On the part of the biaxial hammer crusher, the water content can reach up to 20%, and limestone and clay can be fed at the same time.

The selection of crushers for cement plant should take into consideration the following factors, including raw materials' hardness (generally represented by the compressive strength), corrosivity (usually described with free quartz content), and viscosity (water content, and clay content). In accordance with the above information, you can make a choice.

These factors are: the rigidity (mainly refers to compressive strength) of raw material, the corrosivity (with free quartz content), and the viscosity (water content and clay content). After the consideration of these factors above, you can then choose the crushing equipment that corresponds with the specific characteristics of the raw materials. The cement manufacturing processes mainly include 5steps: primary, secondary crushing; pre-grinding, raw material grinding; calcining; clinker crushing &grinding; cement grinding &conveying.

In general, the double roller crusher, roll sizer, jaw crusher as well as cone crusher are suitable for the two-phase crushing system for abrasive materials. Their crushing ratios are much the same (about 15-16), but their adaptive capacity to hard or wet materials is quite different. The jaw crusher and cone crusher crush the materials by means of high pressure, and they can handle hard rocks with compressive strength up to 400Mpa. The double roller crusher and roll sizer are influenced by shear and pull force, and they are only suitable for crushing materials with compressive strength less than 175MPa. However, they can process materials with high viscosity and corrosiveness.

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