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Concrete brick machine is a low noise, dust free

by:UNIQUE      2020-12-07

Using concrete brick machine techniques you can make holes of any size and depth. This can be used for construction installation applications, water system applications, earthwork quality inspection applications, electrical system applications, gas supply system applications, heating system applications, railway installation application, bridge installation application, plumbing application, telecommunication line installation application, concrete sample analysis, anchoring bolts, and mining application.

Rotary and Wireline are the main types of concrete brick machine techniques. Rotary drilling method utilized for borehole drilling and coring in rocks. Wireline is one type used for mineral exploration and it aims at not making a hole but to retrieve a core sample.

The different methods of concrete brick machine are Electric, Hydraulic and Pneumatic available for wet or dry drilling applications. The Electric method is used to drill perfect holes in tile, natural stones like granite, and gravestones, concrete, countertops, plumbing and other masonry applications.

This type of concrete brick machine is also suitable for drilling holes in walls, floors, ceilings and all concrete anchoring systems. It can be used to perform drilling operation quickly and efficiently. The Hydraulic method implements both mechanical and electronic protection means, and is the easy to move, economical, durable, safe and reliable Concrete Brick Machine method. The Hydraulic method is excellent option for making large diameter holes. Pneumatic method is suitable for drilling holes in walls, floors, ceilings, refractory brick and concrete anchoring systems.

The brick machine method uses a brick machine bit fixed to the end of drill rod in the drilling machine or equipment. The diamond bit is rotated gently and at the same time it is lubricated with water to prevent overheating. With the drilling which uses diamond core drill bits, the primary importance is given in providing enough water lubrication on the cutting edge of the diamond bit. Reduced drill speeds, low drill pressure and copious use of water lubrication increase the durability of the drill bit.

This is categorized based on the different lubrication techniques used. The various methods of drilling are Hose or Water Drip, Clay Dam, Pan Drilling and Spray Bottle concrete brick machine. Hose or Water Drip method: This method of drilling uses a small hose to run water into the bore hole and onto the hole surface.

Clay Dam concrete brick machine method: This method involves building a dam around the drill hole with the help of modeling clay. This method allows water to flow into the diamond bit and provides good interior lubrication. Pan Drilling diamond drilling method: This method involves using pan or plastic tub filled with water such that it covers the surface of the material being drilled. Spray Bottle diamond drilling method: This method of diamond drilling method involves constantly spraying water into the bore hole using a spray bottle.

In all the above methods, it is very important to use the pumping technique in order to allow lubrication to reach the tip of the concrete brick machine bit. A periodic pumping action is essential to extensively improve the lubrication at the drill tip. The pumping technique ensures that water reaches the drill tip area and completely lubricates the drill tip.

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