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Conveyors are Material handling equipments used

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-14

As conveyors are machines they cut down the need of manual job. The production capability goes up due to the use of these devices. The cost of producing a product is reduced due to the use of conveyors. Conveyors can do the manual job of several men without tiring with greater efficiency.

There are numerous kinds of conveyors available with the conveyor manufacturers which includes belt, screw, bucket, pipe, chain and pneumatic conveyors. All these conveyors are suitable for carrying out specific jobs and each conveyor works on different technology. For example chain conveyors are highly common type and are used in various industries loke Pharma, cement, engineering and chemical units and industries. In the manufacturing of cars and vehicles conveyors play a very vital role and are highly important for efficient and high quality production.

Conveyors and their types:

Pneumatic Conveyors: Its functioning is based on air pressure and they are used in manufacturing units which deal in scrap metal, wood, furniture, pills etc. These are best for carrying powdered substances and substances that need hygenic environment for production. The biggest plus point in these conveyors is that they quite flexible and can be set up anywhere.

Belt Conveyors: They are used in mining, food, agriculture and construction. The belts of these conveyors are of PVC, Canvas, Rubber and PU. The coefficeint of friction is determining factor in the selection of belts of such equipments.

Screw Type: Used for conveying material in powdered form. Commonly also called spiral comnveyors

Drag Type: Used in conveying dry solids such as free flowing powders, granules, pellets and flakes.

High capacity Truck Loading kind is used for loading boxes and gunny bags into truck and used for moving them into higher places for stacking purpose.

Slat Chain type are used in packaging industry and for conveying and filling up bottles and containers.

There are many other varities of conveyors but each one has its one use and suitability. An experienced conveyor manufacturer can properly guide and manufacture a customized conveyor for a factory or plant.

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