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Cranes are not just meant for construction, industrial

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-05
Here are some reminders for safe use. - Hire an operator who is well-trained and knowledgeable about his duty; in other words he should knows the job well. It might lead to fatal accident, if not operated by professional. Professionals know everything about it from the operation to basic maintenance and safety precautions. - There should be dedicated worker assigned to assist the operator. The mobile harbour crane operator should have someone that will assist him or give him signal to make sure that the crane will set the load properly. Not all the time, the operator see what's outside the crane thus it will better if there is someone down to signal him direction as well as commands. - Crane should be on the safest part of the harbor - A port will always be crowded with many passengers and relatives waiting for the passengers. To avoid hitting someone accidentally or other similar accident, it will be better if the working area of the mobile harbour crane is far from the place where people usually roam. - Set the loading areas restricted for entry - Apart from being far from the people, the place should be strictly restricted to outsiders and only authorized personnel should be allowed. It is very important that the people inside the working area are only those who are aware of the operation. - Provide safety information and signage - Port management should disseminate information and put signage to make people aware of their safety. This will also minimize the chance that the operator of the crane may accidentally hit a civilian. - Check the machine everyday before and after use - To make sure that the mobile harbour crane is safe to use, make it a routine to check the machine every day. Each and every important part should be carefully checked 2 times a day and in case of any issues, service engineer should be informed for their action. These are just few reminders for safe use of the harbour crane and this will definitely help to avoid damages and accidents.
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