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If you want a powerful electric machine, then

by:UNIQUE      2020-12-07

A fan cooled engine is the major component on most pressure washers on the market. The K 5.540 instead has a patented water cooling system to cool the engine. The result of this technology is an engine that runs quieter and is longer lasting than a standard engine. You will notice the noise factor cut in half in comparison to others with the traditional cooling system. There are less moving parts to the system so that means better durability over time. If you're using your washer for several hours everyday, the reduction in noise levels is welcome.A Not having a fan blowing is also nice, and one of the primary reasons for the quieter operation

Most pressure washers will feature an axial cam pump.A The Karcher has a swash plate component instead, which is made of a corrosive resistant polymer. A material that is resistant to rusting and corrosion is very useful on a machine that is around water so much.

Most electric washers cannot match the power and performance of bigger, more costly gas powered models, however the Karcher model is able to. You'll be able to easily handle most all of the jobs around your home with the 2,000 psi and 1.5 gallons per minute offered with the K 5.540.A This includes power washing just about anything you need cleaned around your home. With the handy adjustable spray nozzle that is included with this machine, you'll be able to clean you deck, siding, car, and walkway.

Included with the 5.540 are two different wands. You need to be careful when power washing delicate surfaces like your car.A The Vario Power spray wand is perfect for that because it is light weight and does not produce as much pressure. The DirtBlaster wand features a very powerful jet stream that will quickly cut through dirty surfaces with ease and will make cleaning hard, rough surfaces like concrete, brick, and block a cinch.

You'll also get an attached detergent dispenser with this machine.A You can pull it out and add specially made Karcher SoapPacs to help break dirt down before you clean. If you want to draw water from a lake or stream you can do so using a special attachment.A This is a unique feature not found on many models. An additional accessory is needed for this which will cost you around $60. This is just one of many different accessories and attachments that you can buy for this unit.

Setting up and using this machine is a snap. Unlike other units, this Karcher sprayer almost assembles itself. With a twist here and a turn there, you can have this unit put together in no time and ready to use. You won't even have to worry about trying to tighten your garden hose as this machine comes with a nice quick connector.

The Karcher K 5 540 X Series pressure washer offers a ton of excellent features for a really good price.A I feel that it's a great deal. Its price and performance make it stand out amongst its competitors. Add on the optional accessories and the easy of use and assembly and you've got a real winner.

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