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We observe that vibrations are a part of our everyday lives

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-13

Understanding Vibrations Any kind of periodic motion or oscillation can be defined as vibration. It is a known fact then when a mass moves, it generates kinetic energy. Thus in any equipment, when there is movement of mass, energy is created. This energy acts upon the equipment and leads to vibration.

Its two types, linear and circular, have different impacts and significance in the world of engineering. However, vibration analysis for both types is equally important.

Linear Vibration A perfect example of vibration in the straight line is the jackhammer, used by mechanics for breaking concrete mass. A specific chisel is attached with the air piston that makes an up-and-down movement in a straight line. Both the chisel and the piston have a specific mass. Once in motion, they generates considerable amount of kinetic energy, and thus vibration. As a result, the hard concrete breaks.

Circular Vibration Vibration caused by a rigorous circular movement of a machine can be described as circular vibrations. A washing machine is an ideal example of circular vibrations. When the washing machine spins, vibration generates the energy with which the water spins at a high speed along with the clothes. Thus, it creates a constant movement between clothes and soap, leading to washed, clean clothes.

Importance of Vibration Analysis It is likely that with regular usage, domestic equipment wears out, leading to irreparable damage to the machinery or hazards to the health of the machine operator. Let's understand the example of the washing machine. The high-speed internal spinning creates an outward, centrifugal force, thus making it unbalanced. This causes the machine to move unevenly on the outside leading to side-to-side or front-to-back vibrating movement. Now, imagine a washing machine or a blender going through this every day or even few times every day! This wears out the machine prematurely. Thus, regular analysis is essential for domestic appliances.

The primary job of vibration test equipment is to ensure that your equipment or machine is designed in a way that absorbs and contains internal vibrations. Vibration meter not only ensures regular repairs of the machines but also avoids long-term damages. Usually, for professional purposes, this analysis is done on a bigger scale, but for domestic use, manual vibration analysis is recommended.

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