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A concrete mixer is also known as a cement mixer

by:UNIQUE      2020-12-11


Before, people only use their bare hands to mix concrete or cement. Thanks to the advancement of technology, it developed to a more convenient and efficient tool.

625 BC: Asphalt and cement were found in Babylon and also in Greece.

1500s: People began to experiment on the components. They began to use cement for repairing ships.

1800s: 'Revolution of industrial age in America.' People started using cement for building roads.

1900s: The mixture used for roads also produced mixture of different types of rocks.

1920s: 'The rise of vehicles.' Concrete mixer became popular because of automobiles. The mixing procedure is they put the components to a container or trays, and heat it with coal fire. Once heated and dried, they will add asphalt on top of it and mix it using their hands.

1960s: There was a widespread use of concrete mixer. They started using it for building different structures like wider roadways and sidewalks.

1970s: 'The rise of cement mixers.' People began developing the tools with the help of technology advancements. They improved the mixing process and the quality being produced.

Today, a concrete mixer has a vital role in almost all construction projects. The demand for concrete mixers is relatively increasing. Suppliers are also making sure they are producing the best quality products for their clients.

Types of concrete mixers

- Mobile. It is a combination of all the materials, equipment for a mixing plant, and a transport vehicle. It is usually a trailer or a transporter. It has an individual carrier for sand, water, and cement powder to produce fresh cement.

- Standard transit. It also provides a concrete delivery vehicle for large volumes of cement. This usually uses trucks in different sizes ranging from two cubic meters to 8 cubic meters. They produce wet concrete for ready-mix concrete projects.

- Volumetric mixer. This type of mixer provides many options to clients. Basically, it uses a mobile truck mixer. The procedure of volumetric mixer is to separate all the materials and measure before they mix it with cement. This method is cost efficient because everything is being measured.

- Traditional mixer. Traditional mixer is also called hand-fed mixers. It means people who only use their bare hands in mixing the cement. The equipment they use is only limited, such as drums, wheelbarrows, and other basic construction equipment. This can be found mostly in construction houses and other smaller structures.

People always want to create. You can see the evidence from the ancient times and how it developed through the years. Modern concrete mixers have become more effective, not only in terms of quantity they produce but also of the quality. It has also become productive in contributing economically.

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