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A Radical Transition

by:UNIQUE      2020-05-08
The construction industry has witnessed a dramatic transformation over the years in the country ever since the partition of the country. The post independence era showed a spurt in the construction due to the nation building process, which required large number of projects pertaining to housing and office complexes, high rise buildings and power generation projects that proved to be beneficial to the growing population and infrastructure requirements for the masses. The construction activity in the country has grown manifold mainly due to an upsurge in the real estate business. A Vast Array of Construction Machinery There is a large variety of construction machinery that is used for erecting massive structures and concrete is one of the basic materials required in the construction industry. Ready mix concrete is a type of concrete equipment that is produced in a plant in accordance to specific requirements and is later delivered to the building site through truck mounted a transit mixer which turns out to be an exact mixture at the time of reaching the site. Crushing machines are used for crushing massive stones into small sized stones to the required dimensions. These stones are used for producing concrete. In fact in the construction of high rise edifices, concrete blocks are used extensively and these are produced by concrete block making machine which provide a strength and durability to the colossal buildings. A Concrete paving machine is used particularly for road building purposes and where cemented roads are made, they are used for paving roads with pre-mixed concrete. Similarly, fly ash brick making machine is used in the manufacture of fly ash bricks which are composed of fly ash which proves to be an inexpensive form of bricks and are durable in nature. A concrete pump is a contraption used for transferring liquid concrete through pumping the fluid. Drum rollers are used in crushing machines as well as in concrete mixing plants and they are required to be replaced by new drum rollers as they tend to wear out through frequent use. Mortar mixers are used mixing of mortar are available in portable or towable variants powered by gas, electric or diesel motors. Adequate Stock of Spare Parts In the construction industry, the construction machinery is heavily dependent on the construction machinery spare parts and concrete pump parts since every machinery is required to be maintained regularly by replacement of parts. With the frequent use of machinery in the construction industry, there is a need for replacing the used parts with new parts which prolong the life of the construction machinery. It is imperative that an adequate stock of spare parts is maintained to maintain the various types of machinery.
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