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Calcium is needed for crops to grow and gain solid

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-15

Calcium deficiency in plants can cause leaf tip burn or complications in the fruit, generally known as blossom end rot. As the calcium is determined by the amount of nutrients used, deficiency is generally due to other growing influences. Examples of which are as follows:

Calcium deficiency in hydroponics is often avoided by deciding on the right nutrients for the plant type and managing a suitable level of calcium within the solution. The correct EC level is important and should always be measured regularly to ensure that calcium is taken up at the roots. Attempting to keep the environment consistent and constant is also important as excess humidity can lessen the uptake of this mineral and consequently the level of temperature should be carefully monitored. The use of fans to establish a light breeze on the leaves can help to lower humidity and encourage transpiration and consequently helping the development of healthy and balanced plants and fruit.

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