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by:UNIQUE      2020-12-09

Coupled with technology, science has changed the fate and face of mankind. For this, a large effort and budget is directed towards research and development in each and every sector of life ranging from automobile to agriculture, starting from mining to entertainment media etc. Likewise, in the pumping sector, newer types are getting invented. Since, each and every sector deals with different nature of fluids or liquids, so, specific types are being manufactured or designed to cater them. In the case of chemical sector, it has to deal with chemically hazardous, abrasive types whereas in mining sector it need to handle mixture of solid with gas or gas with liquid or liquid with very high solid content.

For the construction projects, some of the time, such devices are needed which can be taken to the place of actual need in the actual site. For this reason, concrete trailer pump became an ideal solution across globe since they are capable of distributing concrete at the site irrespective of the size of the project. Moreover, available in electric and diesel version, this advanced machine can be towed to a larger distance or can be placed through a placing boom. The most unique feature includes the quality of the output at low cost and ease of use. In addition, it has self-compensating wear parts, 20 meter remote and automatic grease lubrication system in place which provides the customer confidence and satisfaction.

Also, for the construction projects, for homogeneously combining cement with sand, stone, gravel with water, the most useful solution is cement truck mixer. This state of the art machine uses a revolving drum in order to mix the different components depending upon the need of the construction. They are designed for the worst environment and have a number of axles where the number of axles to be used is being decided by load. In addition, the mixing occurs during transportation after supplying the raw materials with water and it maintains the liquid state by agitation or oscillation of the drum. In the same industry, for the distribution of concretes or mortars, the most used solution is plaster pumps which transfer the same material at high velocity to such a surface where it is needed the most.

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