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Choosing plants for landscaping purposes is easier

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-20

Though having a landscaped garden doesn't come cheap, there are ways to go with this economically. You can choose not to strain your budget by doing some of the landscaping tasks yourself. Of course, for the harder stuff like installing lighting and cement, it is best to let professionals handle this. What you can do is to just be the one to choose the plants for your landscape.

Here is a simple guide to choosing landscaping plants and how to buy plants for landscaping:

First, buy only from local suppliers that can guarantee their plant materials. Make sure you also ask about the terms. Most of the plant suppliers only guarantee their plants during the initial growing season. There are also those who can guarantee that their plants can survive for an entire year. If something happens, these suppliers can reimburse you for half the price of the plant materials. It is actually better if you find the ones who can pay you for the full price. Thus, if the plant dies from neglect, of course, you won't get reimbursed.

Second, only buy hardy materials that are adaptable to your area. Then, just plan your yard by visiting one attractive neighborhood. Then, take note of the plants you especially liked. If you don't know the name of the plant, go ahead and ask the owner. Make sure you praise her or him for the good work he or she has done with his or her plants. If even the owner isn't sure, you can just call Garden Line at their toll free number (1-800-661-4678). They know all varieties of plants.

Third, take note of how people utilize particular trees and shrubs on their property. If it looks good on their property, you can also try it on yours.

Fourth, consider how far shrubs and trees are planted from one another, especially from the fence or the house. Take note that some plants need more room for proper development. This means, more spacing is necessary.

Although it is tempting to buy low-priced trees like poplar, consider the money you need to shell out annually just to prune it. It may cost you $80 to $100 per year to do so. In some cases, the tree can grow so large that it can endanger your house already. In this case, you need to shell out a large amount just to have it removed or for house repairs due to fallen branches.

Fifth, evergreen shrubs don't do well along the west and south sides of houses.

Sixth, when choosing plants for landscaping, don't just concern yourself over the flowers they can provide. They tend to last only for a day or so. The more important ones are fruits that can stay for several months, foliage textures as well as color, fall leaf colors that can last for two weeks; and stems/bark colors for winter landscapes.

Choosing the appropriate plants for landscape purposes is very important because the front yard is the first thing people see in a house. It can also reflect the type of people living in that home.

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