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Compared with traditional sand making machine,

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-18

After high-speed railway is an important direction for the development of railways, the railway is also the driving force for national economic development, from the annual Spring Festival we can 'glimpse', which is also stimulating domestic demand, promoting economic growth as a 'locomotive.' In response to the financial crisis, the Government's 2 trillion invested Zaixian railway construction boom, one of 'main artery' starting to build and run into the news continued to emerge.

High-speed railway construction in China include high technology and the world's leading railway technology. High-speed railway construction, concrete sand and gravel aggregate grain shape, size distribution has been brought up a very high demand, especially basalt (diabase) content of gravel in the needle Flake, the former a simple cone, or back-breaking processing technology has been broken does not meet the requirements. Hongxing launched a well to meet the technical requirements to be broken VI series of Sand and shaping of the new crushing and screening process; VI Sand is the production of high-performance concrete (C40 and above) Aggregate (gravel) and quality stone necessary equipment, through the shaping machine after the bone (stone) materials no more than 5% of needle sheet can fully meet the production of these specialty high-performance industry, coagulation (C40 ~ C80) aggregate the technical requirements.

The production of concrete sleepers would not be possible without stone chips and a manufacturer of concrete sleepers may use stone crusher machine for conversion of boulders into stone chips and thereafter use stone chips into production of concrete sleepers has to be examined in context of overall reality. Most manufacturers of concrete sleepers purchase stone chips from stone crushers and manufacture concrete sleepers.

After understood the mechanical property of the ores and force application situation of crushing equipments, it should be considered that the force application method of crusher should fit the property of the ores and then there will be good crushing effect. Toward the hard ores, crush them by adopting bending and impact for grinding and stripping will damage the equipment seriously. Toward those fragile ores, bending and splitting is better. If choose grinding and stripping, there will be too much extra-fine powder. Toward those tough or extra-tough ores, it is reasonable to adopt grinding and stripping crush. For the dynam property of the materials is different, the crushing equipments for them are various.

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