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Construction sites have long been identified as

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-25
The most common discharge into our storm drains from concrete construction of residues and contaminants from washing down equipment such as concrete trucks, pumps, mixers, chutes, hand tools and wheelbarrows. In this regard, a high potential for pollution of urban runoff, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has intensified its efforts to keep storm water pollution prevention plans are compatible with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System. All of these essential criteria are part of the U.S. Clean Water Act and mandates the use of best management practices (BMPs) on construction sites. Potential emissions of the storm drainage systems from concrete work has become a priority of federal and state EPA, water quality control officials, regional and local inspectors, as well as the strategic goal of advocacy and environmental groups. Illegal discharges into our waterways can bring a fine of $ 32,500 per day if the U.S. EPA is involved. As the Front Range, Colorado licensee of Concrete Washout Systems, Inc., CWS Colorado LLC is the Denver Concrete Washout leader for our environmentally safe collection and recycling of construction concrete washout water and solids. It provides water-tight collection containers for your job site. As the container fills, it vacuums pump the water from the container, then treat and neutralize the water at its licensed and approved waste water treatment facility in Commerce City, Colorado. The remaining aggregate material is recycled at a nearby aggregate recycler, where it is processed into road base. Concrete Washout System is a portable, self-contained and watertight bin recession, which controls, captures and contains concrete washout material and runoff. Our system allows you to easily washout concrete trucks, pumps and equipment on site and facilitates the processing of off-site of the same concrete materials and wastewater. Concrete Washout Systems, Inc is currently used by some of the largest residential and commercial builders in the country with tremendous success. We assist builders to reduce operational costs associated with the specific deterrence washout, the overall cleanliness of construction sites, increasing efficiency and keeping them in line.
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