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Every construction site needs concrete and technology

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-08
RMC is generally made of a mix of cement of around 10 to 15% to which a 60 to 70% aggregate is made and 20 percent water s added. The cement itself has a composition of limestone sand or makes use of shale or clay. The aggregates that are used are that of sand, gravel as well as rock. This kind of readymade concrete is easily used on small as well as large construction sites. You will find it especially utilized in the making of driveways as well as in foundation of homes and large commercial buildings. It is also made use of n the creation of infrastructure such as bridges, roads and sidewalks. Besides being able to reduce the time of construction, RMC has several other advantages. One of them is that the quality of concrete is much higher than that of concrete that is mixed at the site. This however is largely dependent on the kind of controls and checks that are put in place by the builder at the plant. The problem of storage on site and deterioration in quality of the materials is also a matter that is taken care of. This is specially in the urban set up where storing of steel reinforcements and construction materials is often tight. When you are using RMC on a site, you bring down the need for supervision on the site and thereby the cost of labor as well. These costs are often incurred over the cost of procuring a batch of raw materials and then mixing the concrete at the site. RMC plants today have most of the process automated and are able to measure the amount of surface moisture present in aggregates. This is essential in managing the ratios at which water and cement mix. It is essential to ensure that the right strength and durability is obtained. Because of the automation process the control and check process can easily be enforced at every level of RMC manufacturing. Consistency can therefore be maintained. Because of the use of mechanization, the use of newer materials such as micro silica and fibers can easily be introduced.
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