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In many town centres in the UK space really is at a minimum

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-26
A basement enables homeowners to make better use of their property. An extra level could provide a whole host of options including an additional bedroom, dining room, gymnasium, playroom or self-contained flat. Constructing a basement could also improve the chances of a property development company being able to sell their homes, as in many instances they provide plenty of space plus important features such as, off-street parking and gardens are not affected. This company works closely with their clients to create a solution that is perfect for their lifestyle. The initial stage will be a conversation with the homeowner to discuss the design, which they will then present to them at a follow-up meeting. As they have over 45 years experience, their clients can trust that they will create a quality plan that will translate well once constructed. Their sister company specialises in the supply of concrete and piling, therefore they are able to provide a comprehensive service including installation and waterproofing. The latter is incredibly important and before any decorations are applied to the space, they will ensure that the area is fully waterproofed to prevent future damage. The specialists offer a number of waterproofing solutions that are ideal for new-builds and older basements. With their specialist knowledge they can suggest the most suitable solution, these include pumps, membrane systems and floor tiles that have been designed to reduce the impact of damp. Looking to add further value to your home? Why not consider a retrofit basement London. Details of this companies services can be found on their website and their friendly team would be more than happy to discuss your requirements via telephone.
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