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Industrial wireless technology has now well enlarged

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-16
Remote control technology ASKW LPG and refined fuel systems are the result of new and modern technology. The system offers unrestricted hose end control greatly increasing productivity and improving safety over conventional truck mounted manual controls. With a service record dating back years and over 50 thousands systems in petrochemical service, this technology has a proven record of reliability and performance. This remote control technology has developed specifically for fuel delivery truck applications requiring explosion proof, severe service remote controls; the ASKW system is available with one to eight control buttons in a rugged compact package. Basically the compact polycarbonate receiver units are easily installed using prewired electrical harness supplied. And the external antenna/coax provides up to 1000 ft (300m) operating range with enough power to punch through brick, concrete, and metal walls. A small external 'learn' button allows for easy transmitter replacement. Systems are factory 'married' with unique 32 bit ID codes ensuring the receiver will not work with any other transmitter. The internal diagnostic LEDS monitor battery levels, signal connection, and wiring faults for easy troubleshooting. The receivers are energized only during pumping operations and have built-in 'fail-safe' feature closing all tank valves with any power loss or truck movement. The ASKW Systems are available for all makes of trucks, tanks and chassis mounted pumping systems. Quick control remote control wire harness can be factory ordered and pre installed as an option from most major truck manufactures. The cast aluminum handheld of this remote control technology system is waterproof and extremely durable. It is up to eight transmitter buttons are custom labeled in any language. Transmitters will operate up to 300 hours continuously and have built-in low battery warning LEDS. There are different features of this industrial wireless technology system. These are: Emergency Stop feature closes all tank valves and kills the truck engine and pump. Pressing the E-stop button repeatedly will send the same shut down signal. The system meets international regulatory requirements and is available for all type of pneumatic, cable operated of flowmatic type tank valves and all truck engines. Query option is required on LPG delivery vehicles in some countries and is available on all ASKW systems. This feature requires the operator periodically press a query button on the remote control to keep the pumping system active. Engine RPM or Thorttle option allows operator to increase or decrease truck engine RPM and corresponding pump volume from the customers tank hose end of the delivery. The operator can begin delivery process ensure product is following safely then increase pump speed until tank is nearly full.
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