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Invented by the great Colombian industrialist,

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-15

The Industrial Variety

There has been an increasing demand of consistent homogeneity, and decreasing amount of time in the industries that has led to the development of ready-mix concrete versions. This has further fine-tuned the mixing methodology that is used in the production of the concrete. The stationary forms are developed with its own specific advantages that target the diverse parts of this production. They can be broadly categorized into three different categories: The first is the twin shaft mixer. They are particularly known for their high intensity churning properties within the short time. They are perfect for the development of high tensile concrete varieties.

The second type is the vertical axis machines. These can manufacture the pre-cast and pre-stressed forms of the final product. They can cast out different colored versions and come with multiple exits.

The third type is the drum mixers, wherein large volumes can be produced. They are easily available and dominate the market for the production speed, and slump concrete. The overall costs is less and these machines also require less maintenance and operating costs making them feasible for most cases. All the above stated equipments have their set of pros and cons and rule this market differentially.

The transport variety

In these kinds of concrete mixers trucks, the vehicles transport the mixture and churn them up until the construction site. These vehicles can be charged with the necessary dry materials and water and the entire process happens in transit. This procedure ensures that the final product is thoroughly processed. The product is in liquid state until the delivery. The interior of these huge machines come fitted with customized spiral blades, which facilitates in pushing the substance deeper within the truck. The drum is rotated in one particular direction. Based on the principle of the Archimedes screw, the forces enable concrete out of the exit. From this place, chutes directly transfer it to the area of the work. A pump motor is attached with these concrete pump trailer that helps in transferring the material to the precise locations. The drums of these vehicles are usually made of steel or fiberglass.

These heavy weight machines come with two axles or more. This is necessary to distribute the load evenly. These machines also requires permit to operate in an area. These machines are necessary for construction of buildings and roads. They churn the mixture appropriately and according to the requirements. These vehicles ensure that the product is transferred to the requisite place at a feasible time and cost.

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