UNIQUE Group is a professional concrete mixing equipment manufacturers in China.

Is the price of batching and mixing of concrete favorable?
We are committed to offering high-quality batching and mixing of concrete at competitive prices. In these years, we have greatly improved our production line, which gives us higher productivity and reduces our overall production cost. Thus we are able to offer you more favorable prices. This means that all of our customers get an opportunity to save money while getting high quality. Also, we offer a flexible discount system for our loyal customers. Have a tight budget? The cost can be substantially reduced by selecting a most suitable supplier, that is us.

By dealing with concrete mixer truck manufacturers, UNIQUE GROUP has become top 10 enterprise in the concrete mixer truck industry. The dry mix mortar plant series has become a hot product of UNIQUE GROUP. The reflectivity of this product is satisfying. The screen's multiple layers of diffusion material negate the washout effects of ambient light for sharp image clarity. It has obtained CE marking and meets EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. The potential value of the product makes it applicable in multiple scenarios. It has an anti-abrasion spraying coat, which improves its long term abrasion performance.

UNIQUE has been putting a great amount of effort into pursuit that is beneficial to the development of the company. Inquire now!
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