UNIQUE Group is a professional concrete mixing equipment manufacturers in China.

Is UNIQUE GROUP product supply chain complete?
To date, UNIQUE GROUP has developed and marketed a total of 3+ product categories, including asphalt drum mixing plant . They are together to establish a supply chain, which, however, has not yet been complete. A complete supply chain means that the manufacturer should be able to supply themselves with raw materials and should extend the business to the downstream. This would take many years to achieve. Now UNIQUE GROUP just have stable and reliable suppliers of raw materials, and have long-run cooperation with downstream purchasers. This is a guarantee of the continued production only. However, we will continue to develop and one day, we might have such a chain to show our strong competitiveness.

The influence of UNIQUE GROUP in the industry of concrete mixing plant is great. The concrete mixer truck series has become a hot product of UNIQUE GROUP. Other features that are characteristic to this mattress include its allergy-free fabrics. The materials and the dye are totally non-toxic and will not cause allergies. Its capacity can be customized based on your construction needs. The product has a wide range of sales channels and market influence. This product can survive complicated and harsh geological and meteorological conditions.

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