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Modern humans in addition to reliability and quality

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-12

Paving slabs produced by vibropressing looks neat and aesthetically pleasing - through a variety of shapes, textures and colors can complement any design, even the original building. Due to the tile can be properly chosen to make the whole architectural ensemble and give it a complete finished look.

Completely versatile - a wide range vibropressed paving allows you to choose the color and size for the site of almost any purpose. If desired, you can combine different types of tiles and thereby implement the most ambitious design ideas.

Environmental safety of paving slabs is that the tile does not emit toxic substances when heated, does not interfere with the natural water exchange, does not harm the environment and plants.

Convenience and comfort - a track from the platform and paving vibropressed avoid the mud and puddles in the rain, as well as proper installation of paving tiles forget falls on the ice.

Durability and longevity - quality made and laid paving slabs will serve faithfully for at least fifteen years. Pavement is also beautifully moves high and low temperatures, resists abrasion and cracking.

Easy to clean - vibropressed paving tiles requires no special care, dirt and darkening of fine washed with water under pressure. Spoiled items cover can easily be replaced with new, and will not be a different color from the previously arranged. The possibility of minor repairs to avoid a full replacement coverage.

[Paving slabs laid over gravel] To date, there are two methods of manufacturing vibropressed paving: vibrocasting plastifitsuruyuschimi with additives and mixtures of hard block-making. Both methods allow to produce high-quality paving tiles with low porosity as well as a variety of textures and colors. Durable tiles is achieved by adding special ingredients to strengthen fibers made of polypropylene or glass.

Paving stone (paving) allows you to quickly and easily arrange adjacent to the home territory, access paths, pedestrian walkways, platforms before the shops, garden paths and much more. A wide range of tiles will pick ideally suited for their environment. Tile - a material for people who come up with the times!

Production of paving complex, critical process associated with the particular equipment: dry pressing or injection molding production.

Ten years ago, the production of dry pressing, certainly ahead of its physical and mechanical properties of molding production, then today a number of injection molding technology allows to obtain results in one to two orders of magnitude higher. Accordingly, life would be much higher and the range of lighting solutions and does not remain in the competition. But still 80% of the plants involved, molding concrete continue to make low-quality product. To obtain high-quality products should be used raw material quality is not below the requirements of guests, and closely follow the technology.

Concrete should be compulsory, (do not use mixer of the gravitational action Read guest).

The process of paving slabs can be divided into several stages: Weighing ingredients, mixing in a mixer. (Concrete can count up to twelve components in its composition.) The distribution of concrete forms, the seal on the vibrating table. Stripping products. Storage of products, ensuring conditions of curing in a moist environment.

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