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Most of the homes in Southern California are built

by:UNIQUE      2020-05-06
Don't shirk away yet until you have seen the possibilities that are out there, and the numerous contractors who have grown their businesses by offering this relatively new idea to their customers. The process started as a traditional stone and terrazzo polishing technology. It has developed into an entire new procedure of producing chemical, topical-based products that can produce a polished concrete look. The products range from a densified and mechanical polish to a topical polish with a burnishing step that will provide the desired sheen, or shine. Usually they will use a topical polish along with a hardener, wax or other solids that will be applied on top of the concrete floor, and then burnished to the sheen desired. This floor may provide abrasion resistance and less maintenance depending on the products used. The mechanical polishing usually starts with a series of metal bond diamond grinding steps followed by a densifier applied to harden the floor. They complete this with a series of resin-bonded diamond polishing steps that polish the concrete. The difference between topical and mechanical polish is that the mechanical polish is in the concrete itself and is normally part of the original construction. It will have the desired shine, and is not a product on top of the concrete that will need to be reapplied in order to keep it in good condition. Many companies prefer the protection epoxy and mortar systems on their floors because they can be very affordable. However they require frequent re-application and the entire plant must be shut down for the procedure to cure correctly. When you cover your existing concrete with tile, wood, or fiber carpet, those products wear and may need to be replaced with the old ending up in landfills. That does not happen with the polish concrete floors and there is no waste. With the polished concrete systems, they simply do not wear out. Polished concrete is durable and stain resistant and is unsurpassed in the market. When it is necessary to re-polish, the cost is significantly lower, and it is done with practically no waste for the landfill. Find a company that specializes in these methods to decide the best options for your property. The concrete flooring will bring an exclusive touch whether throughout your home or your business.
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