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Windowboxes are ideal way to garden. They are

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-15

Planning an effective flowerbox requires many of the same design considerations as planning a garden bed or boarder but it more simple form. To obtain maximum visual impact you need to consider the site, environment, and the type of plants you desire, just like the same idea that you have when you plan a garden bed. Learning few basic techniques of gardening will enable you to create exceptionally extraordinary custom window boxes that are perfectly suited to the environment.


The location that you choose will dictate the size and shape of your customized window boxes. They are usually wide enough for only a single row of plants, and their length usually depends on the width of the window. An awareness of the limiting factors imposed by the environment will help guide your plant selections. For instance, if you leave where winters are severe you will need to choose plants that can withstand lowest winter temperatures in your area. On the other hand, if you live in a warmer climate, you will be able to grow cool- weather annuals during winter and soon...

Type of plants

Look for plants that have different types of foliage and mix them. Interesting foliage provides your garden texture and layering, attracting the eyes of everyone. Before you plant your flowers, decide where to place them and avoid grouping one color in one area. Instead combine contrasting colors that will make each flower stands out and create a good combination through the length of you window boxes. Always remember that since windowbox is a very contained environment you need to take care when choosing the plants for your garden. Plants may have different light and water requirements and these could make certain plants outgrown the rest of the plants in the windowbox.

Indeed, nothing put a prettier face on a house than a gorgeous window box - and no form of gardening is so accessible to beginner and expert alike, to homeowners and apartment dweller. Even to those who don't have a window of their own, windowboxes can flourish, stairways, even on concrete floors.

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