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by:UNIQUE      2020-10-20

Cement floors can crack and fail. Concrete is not a lot better and the work put into making either of them as smooth as needed is significant. The maintenance, on both, can take time away from other, more important elements of your line production. The epoxy resins, after curing, take no real maintenance other than ensuring they are clean.

The need for this type of flooring in a food plant should go without mentioning. Cracks in any of the other commercial flooring will harbor germs, bacteria and simple dust and dirt. You, yourself, are aware that food and coffee plants, in your area, have been shut down because of the unsanitary nature of their floors. This should not happen to you.

Cement or concrete cracks, the voids in tiles and the normal wear and tear on any flooring will present problems of a mechanical nature as well. Forklifts and pallet jacks are the primary means of moving material through manufacturing plants. They need a fairly smooth surface on which to move. Additional, expensive maintenance is required on these units when that floor causes them to jump and hit their undercarriages because of a hole in the surface.

The epoxy floor coatings will flow into these cracks and holes. They are self leveling, which means they will fill in and then smooth out over the surrounding area. The simple application belies the fact they are one of the strongest materials that will mold to a floor to protect the floor, moving equipment and the people who work in the plant.

The sanitary nature of this material should go without saying. It will fill in all cracks and can be modeled up the wall for quite a few inches. This will create a bucket effect, making this one, continuous surface from the main door to the back of the plant.

Because of this, it is also perfect for electrostatic displacement purposes. The professionals you hire to install this material will go into all of the uses and processes needed to accomplish this. They will also be able to make recommendations as to the colors, surface textures available and assist you in helping to make your plant as safe, sanitary and cleanable as possible.

Since the epoxy floor coatings can be cleaned with little more than a mop and bucket, it is the best surface to have throughout your site. It will go into operations areas and rest rooms. It can be used in chemical storage areas because of its ability to resist this damage. The professionals you consult with have been installing these floors for years and their popularity is only growing.

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