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A concrete boom pump is a significant investment

by:UNIQUE      2020-05-02
The easiest way to get a better performance from a concrete boom pump is selecting the right concrete. When concrete is pumped through the line, it is separated from the pump line walls by a layer of water which acts as a lubricant. Not only should the concrete mix be suitable for this type of application, but it also needs to contain enough water so the mix can move easily through reducers as well is the band's and hoses found in pipeline setups. Effectively using a pump primer can greatly reduce pumping related issues as well. Truck positioning plays a significant role in getting the best performance out of a concrete boom pump as well. When it comes to positioning, the primary concern is safety; however an improperly positioned truck can easily cause death or serious injury which may cause the jobsite to be shut down for days or weeks. There are four primary considerations to keep in mind when positioning a concrete boom pump. The most often overlooked is power lines. It is estimated that nearly half of all accidents involving booms and power lines happen when the machine is being folded, unfolded, or moved. Simply using a full-time spotter can significantly reduce this risk. The concrete boom pump is an excellent conductor of electricity. In fact, the concrete can become a deadly electric conduit because of its high water content. It is estimated that more concrete pump operators die from electrocution than any other job related causes. The final way to maximize the performance of the concrete boom pump is proper maintenance. By regularly checking for wear and tear, companies can quickly replace pieces before they break. This minimizes downtime and maximizes performance. The most important parts to check are couplings and gaskets because they let air into line and allow grout to escape. Fortunately, most couplings will wear on the surface which makes wear and tear easy to identify. Along with implementing effective policies and procedures to maximize the performance of a concrete boom pump, the easiest way to boost performance is by hiring and training qualified operators. In the end the operator will be the individual which is directly responsible for how efficient the operation is.
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