UNIQUE Group is a professional concrete mixing equipment manufacturers in China.

Any export certifications on asphalt production plant ?
Export certification is strong evidence about product quality and positioning. UNIQUE GROUP has made every effort to get credentials on asphalt production plant . The product is always tested to make sure that it is up to our own production standards. This includes sample and product tests. Third party certifications have been carried out. This accounts for a certain proportion in the total sales.

When speaking of capacity, UNIQUE GROUP is undoubtedly number one. The mobile batching plant for sale series has become a hot product of UNIQUE GROUP. UNIQUE ready mix concrete plant has been tested at the end of the production stage. It has been checked for its water absorption rate, deformability, surface cracks, etc. It produces much less noise when compared with its equivalents on the market and thus is suitable for overnight use. It comes with the desired durability. The testing is done by simulating the load-bearing during the expected full life span of a mattress. And the results show it is extremely durable under testing conditions. This product can survive complicated and harsh geological and meteorological conditions.

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