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Cement truck basic knowledge

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-15

Cement truck is also called cement mixer truck or cement transport truck, it's long distance cement truck transport vehicle. PTO are assembled on chassis to ensure mixing during driving, so cement truck is dual function special vehicles with transport and cement mixer two function.

Concrete mixer trucks can be divided according truck chassis, mixer tank driver power and driving type. According to truck chassis, Cement trucks are dump trucks chassis and semi trailer chassis; according to mixer truck driving force, cement mixer trucks force is provided by truck engine or separated engine. Divided by stirring model, cement trucks have hydraulic and mechanical two types.

With cement trucks production standardizing, current cement trucks are special truck chassis, semi trailer mixer trucks almost disappeared; stirring tank force are provided by truck chassis too. The advantages is hydraulic transmission can work smoothly. Speed can continuously variable. And easy to feed mixing during clockwise turning and discharge during anticlockwise turning.

At present, common normal mixer tank size is 8.9-10.5m3, stirring cubage is 6-7m3.

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