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Concrete testing includes a variety of methods

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-20

There are generally three moisture tests for concrete testing covered in ICRI certification. These include the calcium chloride test for moisture vapor emission rate of a slab, the surface relative humidity test, and the slab internal relative humidity test. It's essential that the buildings environment remain consistent at least 48 hours prior to testing to allow the slab to reach a stable equilibrium with the ambient conditions of the building. The ideal temperature is right around what the plant emits during regular operation. This way the geotechnical software is fed more reliable data that can be transmitted back to the lab.

In concrete testing, the calcium chloride test measures the MVER of a slab, which essentially is the amount of H2O vapor emitting from the surface of the concrete. It's a popular test to determine if a floor is ready for floor coverings. Quite a few companies measure kits for this service, but it's best to use a testing kit that's compatible with geotechnical software so the data can be transferred instantly to the lab over the Internet. Unless of course, you'd like to relive 1985 and hit the payphone after lunchtime lugging a pocket full of quarters.

Each calcium chloride test is conducted using a small dish of dry bone calcium chloride that is then placed under a plastic dome to create a closed environment over the concrete. This is left on the surface for 60 to 72 hours. The CaCl then absorbs all moisture emitted from the concrete for accurate measurement. The MVER value can be expressed in the amount of water coming from the surface of 1000 square feet of area in 24 hours.

Once you've gotten accurate concrete testing data, the information is automatically cataloged by your geotechnical software and transferred electronically back to the lab. The concrete testing itself may be similar, but the transfer of data couldn't be simpler.

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