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Crane service Truck Radio Remote Controls are

by:UNIQUE      2020-06-30
Handheld Transmitter Characteristics: i. The handheld transmitters of these Crane Service Truck Radio Remote Controls are available with up to twelve crane control buttons as specified by the customers. ii. The handheld transmitter can be recharged and once recharged the transmitter can deliver 30 hrs of continuous use. The charger is generally supplied by the manufacturers. iii. The transmitter is also equipped with an optional 'Enable' button that normally requires two deliberate steps before the signal is sent. Equipped Mounted Receiver Specifications: i. The equipped mounted receiver is available with up to twelve pre-programmed high side outputs. ii. The outputs can be interlocked selectively to the other operators in order to maintain the safety reasons. iii. The optional external antenna is also included with the system with a normal range from 100ft up to 2000ft. iv. The receiver is interface to OEM crane controls and they can be simplified with factory installed, direct-plug connectors or through J1939 serial communication. One can also get receiver with other protocols. v. The receiver is also included with a modular components as well as an external set-up button that allows easy installation and field replacement. Wireless Industrial Crane Service Truck Radio Remote Controls are available with the following models: Model ASKR: It is developed specially for crane and service truck applications that requires up to 12 remote control functions. The modular components included in this model allow for easy installation with the custom wire harness. The transmitter and receiver unit of this model can operate on 56 bit digital code eliminating accidental operation. The parts can be replaced simply due to the quick connect plugs one can also link the handheld and receiver by using the simple 'Learn' button. ASKR model is constructed in a rugged polycarbonate enclosure. Model FHSR: It is developed for the crane applications that require interference-free, fail-safe machine control. This device is included with an operator handheld and machine mounted transceiver that continuously communicates in order to ensure signal validity and strength. The system is also equipped with frequency hopping spread spectrum technology that ensures the interference free control. During any loss of the signal all the active functions are automatically shut down. Model DSST: It is designed particularly for using in hydraulic crane applications requiring up to twelve radio remote control functions. This device is also included with Toggle switch controls provides variable speed control of hydraulic pump solenoids. Model ASKW: This model allows up to 8 control functions. Two 'AA' batteries are used to control this device and the battery provides 300 hours of continuous use. The handheld transmitter and the receiver unit can operate on 56 bit digital code and it eliminates any kinds of accidental operation.
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