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Grout pumps can be used in a variety of ways including

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-23
Depending on the type of job you are doing, you must determine if you will need a grout pump that has a mixer attached. Complicated and time jobs will require this, as they are a more efficient means of completing a project. Complex jobs will most likely require an air powered grout pump while simple jobs like sidewalk leveling and crack filling will probably only require the use of a manual pump. Grout Pump Use in Ground Remediation Grout pumping is a valuable tool when it comes to land remediation. Ground remediation is the process of removing hazardous materials from soil by injecting certain compounds into the ground. Whenever ground materials are discovered to be contaminated, remediation is necessary to make sure that the pollutants don't spread any farther into the soil. For example, when lead is found in groundwater, land remediation may have to occur to remove the compounds from the soil. Ground Remediation There are unfortunately a wide variety of hazardous materials that can contaminate the ground and create the need for ground/land remediation including oil spills, industrial waste products and waste water, gas leaks and other chemicals. These types of hazardous spills can cause health problems or even death for the people, plants and animals around the contaminated area. Excavation, removal, containment, incineration and treatment are different methods of ground remediation techniques. Containment remediation involves isolating the hazardous material so that nothing else can come into contact with it. Treatment remediation leaves the material where it is, but changes the material into something less hazardous. Soil washing is also known as complete remediation, a process that sounds exactly like what it is. The hazardous material is literally washed out and removed. Remediation by excavation involves digging up and removing the material, then filling in the formerly contaminated area with fresh soil. Remediation by incineration is the removal of contaminants by burning (incineration).
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