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by:UNIQUE      2020-05-04
The new pool certainly enlivened a pleasant yet previously plain backyard which sloped gently down in the direction of a Jacaranda lined roadway. Substantial landscaping complemented the installation, with a total revitalisation of the block in fact. Several stone feature walls had been constructed, and above each the flattened terrace spaces afforded the restructured yard a much steeper feel overall, yet provided several independent, flat zones, that could be utilized for both recreation and planting. Most of the fresh plantings in fact were native plant varieties; there were quite a choice of small grevilleas in evidence, their brilliant and distinctively shaped flowers luring numerous birds to their leaves. Tree ferns, monsteras and birds of paradise crouched subtly underneath the few more substantial trees along the backyard's edges. Not only was the pool itself sunk into the ground, but the actual paths and paved areas about that Brisbane pool had been also lowered and flanked with well built natural stone walls. The rock employed was a well jointed slate, with quite flat faces generally, and a blend of fantastic dark grey colors along with some iron stained yellows and reds too. The walls looked crafted in the Irish fashion with quite deep pointing of an inch or so and the sloping faces leaning outward. Darkish coloured mortar was adopted for all of the walls and this certainly did give a striking effect indeed. The swimming pool itself was constructed of fibreglass and was tiled down to the water level. A robust recirculating system had been installed and My friend Robert informed me that it made the maintenance a great deal less complicated. He added that three kids, mostly willing to do their share of the work, had cut his labour nearly to zero. A heated spa pool was situated nearby under the shelter of a chunkily constructed gazebo and though I didn't test it, I accepted the family's word for it that the warm water was in fact terrific in the cooler days of the short Brisbane wintertime. Apparently the swimming pool installation was a quicker job as compared to the landscaping and the wall development which followed it. I certainly couldn't fault the swimming pool installation job, it was certainy sound, well designed and similarly well installed. It was definitely ideal for swimming in, being heated, and was deep enough to safely use the sturdy diving board which stood at the the wider end. Thus, one more great Brisbane pool decorates the hills within the western suburbs, and one which I will undoubtedly be visiting once in a while.
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