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by:UNIQUE      2020-12-09

Grout mixer and pump is mainly used across the globe for mixing and spraying the material into the needed area. They are available in number of sizes and configurations. They have inbuilt mixers to blend the raw material directly and compressor getting used for spraying operation. Mainly they consist of air operated diaphragm or piston or gear pumps and available in electric or diesel version. Depending upon the situation, grouts can be of cements (having non-shrink characteristics) and used for grouting and filling of base plates in steel framed buildings, dowel bars, bridge bearing pads, crane rails, balustrades etc. Also they can be utilised without compromising on non-shrinking properties and strength in many applications ranging from getting used as dry to wet materials. In tough conditions like chemical attack or harsh environments situation demands resistance to dynamic loading, corrosion and vibration which this high end machine is able to perform. Also, main use includes mixing of sand, stone and cement in specified rotation.

boom pumps are mainly used for concrete related work in construction sites. Now-a-days, after researching for many years the boom section is made from low weight high-performing carbon fibres making it durable and long lasting. In addition, they are having the most advanced electronic movement systems which enable the device to gradual reduction of noise, shock and energy use. They also can be mounted over a truck. Most importantly, the outriggers offer the truck a stable gravity making it fit for transportation of concrete to longer distances.

For altogether different sort of application like mud dredging, mud pumps are widely used across continents. They mainly consist of positive displacement type of device which is suitable for viscous and thick mud or silt.The most important point regarding this unique high end device is it gradually lessens the water content removed along with the silt or mud while generating relatively high pressure which is fit for elevating the distance of transfer. This long serving and easily maintainable machine has got cleaner action as compared to other same type of devices. Depending upon the need and situation, it can be directly attached to excavator arm or pontoon or a crane or barge. Also, it can be moved to a different location if such situation arises.

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