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In the morning of July 2, 2010, the member of

by:UNIQUE      2020-07-07
'Five years ago I once said that we would build Sany Heavy Industry into a world class enterprise. Today, I am here cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony for the largest crane in the world and I feel sincerely happy. Five years have passed, Sany Heavy Industry stood out in the financial crisis and walked pass an uneven road, so you have made significant progress.'This is confirmation of Premier Wen to Sany and also to the development of the whole engineering and mining machinery industry. Premier Wen said, 'What is a world-class enterprise?' Firstly it should manufacture crushing and grinding products with the best, the excellent and the highest quality, vibrating screen for example. Secondly it should possess its own independent innovation and patent which should be firstly discovered in the whole world, that is to say, it should also lead the development of the whole industry. Thirdly it should have the most advanced corporate culture. In the enterprise, every employee should have lofty idea and tenacious and struggling spirit and set an ambition of making great contributions to our country, our people and the whole society. The last but not the least and also the most important is that it should have professional and outstanding talent that will go on generation to generation and never cease so that it can make sure that the company will always bloom with youth. This is a basis requirement for the mining industry in order that it can develop faster and faster in the future and also a necessary demand for our development, and in the meantime, it make confirmation to everyone's accomplishment. Over the past couple of years, under the concerted effort of the leaders and the workers, our engineering business scope has made significant achievements which we all should feel proud of and deserves our proud. I believe that after the affirmation of Wen Jiabao, Hongxing Machinery which specializes in manufacturing rotary kiln will continue to provide customers products with the best, the excellent and the high quality. We always stick to a principle that our quality will satisfy the users and our power makes the clients feel relieved and we will always provide the excellent dryer machine products and services for you.
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