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India continued to be wholly or largely self-sufficient

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-18

Despite high degree of self-sufficiency, some quantities of flaky and amorphous graphite of high fixed carbon, kaolin and ball clay for special applications, very low silica limestone, dead-burnt magnesite and sea water magnesia, battery grade manganese dioxide, etc. were imported to meet the demand for either blending with locally available mineral raw materials and/or for manufacturing special qualities of mineral-based products,pulverizer in India( pulverizer in India ).

To meet the increasing demand of uncut diamonds, emerald and other precious and semi- precious stones by the domestic cutting and polishing industry, India continued to depend on imports of raw uncut stones for their value-added re-exports. The degree of self-sufficiency in respect of various principal minerals and metals/ferro-alloys in 2009-10 is given captioned as contribution and rank of India in world production of principal minerals and metals,slag crusher plant manufacturer in India,slag.(slag crusher plant manufacturer in India) .

Mineral production,based on the overall trend so far the index of mineral production (base 1993-94=100) for the year 2010-11 is estimated to be 208.83 as compared to 193.36 for 2009-10 showing a positive growth of 7.43%. The trend of index of mineral production for the last five years is depicted.

The total value of mineral production (excluding atomic minerals) during 2010-11 has been estimated at 200609.38 crore, which shows an increase of about 11.83% over that of the previous year. During 2010-11, estimated value for fuel minerals accounts for 135243.81 crore or 67.42%, metallic minerals, 41828.44 crore or 20.85% of the total value and non-metallic minerals including minor minerals 23537.13 crore or 11.73% of the total value. Information on production and value of selected minerals from 2006-07 to 2010-11 is given . The details of Export and Import of Minerals during the period 2005-06 to 2009-10 is given. The trend of value of mineral production for last five years is depicted,quartz processing plant,quartz,(quartz processing plant).

During 2010-11, mineral production was reported from 32 States/Union Territories (actual reporting of MCDR & Fuel minerals from 22 states and estimation of minor minerals for all 32 States/Union Territories) of which the bulk of value of mineral production of about 90.16% was confined to 10 States (including offshore areas) only. Offshore areas are in leading position, in terms of value of mineral production in the country and had the share of 26.03% in the national output. Next in order was Orissa with a share of 9.63% followed by Andhra Pradesh (8.98%), Rajasthan (7.93%), Chhattisgarh (7.77%), Jharkhand (6.54%), Gujarat (6.40%), Madhya Pradesh (4.83%), Goa (4.37%), Assam (4.13%) and Karnataka (3.57%) in the total value of mineral production. Remaining 22 States and Union Territories having individual share of less than 3% all together accounted for 9.84% of total value during the year under review. The contribution of States/Regions in the value of mineral production during 2010-11 is pictorially shown.

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