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by:UNIQUE      2020-04-26
Generally in mechanical engineering term, shotcrete is concrete which is projected pneumatically into a surface at high velocity. Now, the concrete is blown through a nozzle after mixing all of the ingredients according to the user's specification. As all of us are aware that mixing at improper ratio may lead to great danger as it has the ability to create voids between different layers of concrete. Moreover, if water is added at very high level, it may lead to cracking of the material. For any construction site, shotcrete is essential and hence, most advanced shotcrete pump is available in road towable format which ensures that it can be taken to the actual site of need. Depending upon the project, the mixture can be made dry (if dry materials are placed in a hopper and mainly gets used in repairing) or wet (if the earlier made concrete is moved to the nozzle). For the same industry, for the movement of concrete from one place to another, mainly, trailer pumps get used as they can be taken to any construction site on demand. Easier to maintain this machine has been designed making the best use of art of the state technology. It is having a package pump set with remote control facility, automatic greasing and inner water pump. Its low output rate is ideal for commercial buildings and residential projects and also it comes at really lesser cost. Moreover, they have the unique ability to handle different applications like decks, slabs especially commercial slabs etc. For the movement of highly viscous mud or thick silt, mainly the dredge pumps get used all across the globe. One of the most attractive features is that it has the ability to reduce the amount of water removed with mud ensuring cleaner mechanical action. This easier to operate machine has got long service life and has inbuilt augers which restricts solid from entering inside. Also, another benefit is it can deliver at very high pressure ensuring increase in distance.
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