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Mobile crushing plant working principle

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-18

First, integration form , the entire integrated unit equipment installation, eliminating the installation of the split components of the complex site infrastructure to reduce the material, man-hours consumed. Unit is reasonably compact space layout, and enhance the flexibility of the venue stationed.

Second, mobile flexibility YG938E69 rough broken mobile crushing plant car sites, body width less than the operator semi-trailer, small turning radius, easy to ordinary road, the easier traveling in the broken field area of rugged harsh road environment. And save time of forwarding to work site. More conducive to the presence of construction reasonable region as a whole crushing process to provide more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration.

Third, reduce material handling costs of YG938E69 rough broken mobile crushing plant, crushing the material to the first line of the site, eliminating the intermediate links that material is removed from the scene and then broken , greatly reducing the transportation costs of materials. Besides that, extended units more directly sent the broken material into the transporter carriages bucket, turn away from the scene.

Four, the job role of direct and effective integration of the series mobile crushing plant can be used independently, can also target customers in the process of material type, product requirements, provide a more flexible process configuration to meet user mobile crushing plant, mobile screening and other requirements generated organization, logistics and transshipment more direct and effective, cost to maximize the lower.

Five, adaptable and flexible configuration YG938E69 rough broken mobile crushing plant, crushing, grinding and sieving system, stand-alone group to work independently, but also the flexibility to form the joint operations of the system configuration unit. Side discharge hopper for screened materials transportation methods provide a variety of configuration flexibility, integration unit configuration of the diesel generator , in addition, can also be targeted to the workflow system configuration .

Mobile crushers are also used for crushing stones at quarry sites as well as on-site recycling of construction waste such as concrete debris, stones and other materials. Zhongbo manufactures a complete range of mobile/portable crushing plant for use in primary, secondary and tertiary applications. Available in wheeled form, they incorporate the range of jaw crushers, cone crushers and impact crushers. They are capable of crushing concrete debris, fine crushing natural stone and producing large volumes of high quality product in a single pass. As one of the leading mining machinery company in China, Zhongbo launches a new comprehensive portable plant for efficient fully mobile crushing plant. Portable crushing plants concept is fully adaptable to all mobile crushing needs.

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