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Once you get a flat tire you have to decide whether

by:UNIQUE      2020-10-11

If you intend to fix the problem yourself, you need tools of getting the wheel raised off the pavement and remove the wheel. You also need a tire repair kit or tire patch kit, tire irons and a method of inflating the tire like a tire pump or a six pack of CO2 cartridges. You need some light at night too.

If you ride a big cruiser you need a sturdy lift or jack to remove the wheel. It is not a job of the faint hearted though. Once the wheel is off you've got to remove and replace the tube if you are rolling on tube-type tires. A tubeless tire is a no brainer. Fixing a flat tire is fairly easy if you have the appropriate tools and a decent spot to work. But it is such a hassle if you are wrestling that big machine by the side of a busy road.

On the other hand, if you notice that your tire is leaking and losing air you need to look for embedded gravels nails, etc. This is a situation that calls for a tire patch. If you have tubeless tire, you need to seal the leak by inserting the plug (with sticky cement) in the rubber with the puncture. Cut off all excess plug and use CO2 in canisters to pump air into the tire. If you have done the job well (no more leaks) the air will hold and the tire will remain inflated. This can result in your ability to ride again until you replace it with a new tire.

One major point of concern for riders who likes to occasionally travel long distances is, what tread life to expect of their tires. They say, a ride around the perimeter of the U.S. will probably exceed the normal life of most cruiser's tires. Heavy loads, high speeds and improper inflation can wear up a tire earlier than it's time. Always check the tire's pressures to make sure it is the correct one. Visually inspect the tires for external damage. And do it consistently.

If you are on the first leg of long motorcycle journey and you doubt the tread life of your tire, expect to have them replace on the trip. Contact your dealer or find the best price online and order an extra set of tires to hold. Then have them send over to your next stop when your current pair gets worn and thin, There are riders though who got stuck waiting for hard to get tires ( certain sizes or style). These strategies are best to keep in mind and apply them in actual situations. Don't tempt fate by trying to stretch the limits of worn rubber. Join an online owners club and ask a round what mileage you can expect and ask owners of your specific model when they had to replace.

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